Trial Lawyers Group was founded in 2002 by renowned attorney, Jennifer Labbe, who specializes in many areas of law including litigation practice, Family Law, Criminal Law and Personal injury. Trial Lawyers Group uses their expertise to provide highly individualized service. Trial Lawyers Group chooses its cases carefully, and thus we are able to get to know our clients’ cases very well so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. We choose not to handle a large number of cases, but instead focus on taking on a select number of cases that we can investigate and work on thoroughly to provide the best possible outcome for your situation.  Our selectivity gives our attorneys the ability to very careful attention to the needs of our clients.

When you are a client of Trial Lawyers Group, you will find that every member of our staff is familiar with your case. Our personalized approach to client management creates an unmatched attorney client relationship for which our firm prides itself on. The attorneys at Trial Lawyers Group have been able to reach successful results for many clients through aggressive and direct negotiation in mediation and, if necessary, effective litigation in court.

Our team of attorneys will provide answers to whatever questions you have and spend time to discuss and ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the process. With Trial Lawyers Group, you know you have a team of professionals on your side.

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